Donation Equivalent to 4,202 Meals since June 2017!

How Your Love for Our #SheetMasks Give Back 

Our mission is to help your skin glow and your heart smile at the same time (and psssst, not tested on animals!).  Since launching in June 2017, The Sharing Co. donated an amount equivalent to 4,202 meals to help Best Friends continue their life saving programs!  We thank compassionate beauties like you who continue to provide ongoing love and support for our products & mission.  


Beautiful Skin, Happy Heart. #SheetMask for a radiant glow, and help reveal the beauty of shelter animals.

Time, Love and Care does wonder for your skin and soul.  Similarly, with the right care, love and time, shelter animals can shine like stars as members of loving families!  

Why Shelter Animals?  Numerous rescue animals have enriched our own lives and fills our days with so much joy, love, and positivity.  They prove day after day that shelter animals are beautiful inside and out, and wants nothing more than to love, and to be loved.

In the U.S.  approximately 6.5 million companion animals enter a shelter every year.  From there, approximately 1.5 million shelter animals are euthanized, mainly due to lack of space. We, at The Sharing Co. want to help bring this number down to ZERO.  

By teaming up with a nationwide partner with their #NoKill movement, we're incredibly excited and proud to donate a portion of every purchase to Best Friends Animal Society.  As an official Best Friends Corporate Partner, rest assured that we can help #SaveThemAll #Together.

Also, don't forget to check out Our Story to learn more about how we got started.