About Us


When Your Heart Smiles, It Glows.

Launched in June 2017, The Sharing Co. is a Los Angeles based beauty brand founded on the basis of sharing our love of k-beauty and our passion for rescue animals.  We wanted to provide exceptional beauty products while inspiring compassion to those in need of our compassion and inner beauty:  Our Animal Best Friends.

Why Rescue Animals?   Numerous rescue animals have enriched our lives and fills our days with so much joy, love, and positivity.  The thought of what their lives would have been like otherwise is so difficult to fathom.  They prove day after day that shelter animals are beautiful inside and out, and wants nothing more than to love, and to be loved.

In the U.S. the volume of shelter animals is growing on a daily basis; outpacing the space in our shelters.  Our partnership with Best Friends Animal Society helps to ensure that one day, every shelter animal is given a chance to live happily as members of loving families.  Best Friends is the leader in the #NoKill movement, and we're so inspired by their mission to help #SaveThemAll. 

Our launching product is a set of sheet masks, with design inspirations drawn from shelter animals (and pssst, not tested on animals!).  We use natural, quality ingredients to help soothe, brighten, hydrate and improve elasticity to your skin.  And it wouldn't be K-beauty if it wasn't manufactured in Korea!  Sheet masks are so easy to use, and can be a game changer to your skincare and beauty regimen.  We certainly can't live without them, and we're really excited to share our products to help you feel beautiful inside and out.

Check out our Save Them All page to learn about our Partnership.